I  am blessed to have found Nina. What a wonderful experience each week at  chair yoga!  I will be 78 in a few months, a widow with a few health  problems and I leave the class feeling lighter, happier and in better  shape than when I came in. I will be starting a second weekly chair yoga  class with Nina and am looking forward to it.  Nina has a magical  quality about her.  While instructing and leading us through each pose  with proper breathing, her voice is soft and tranquil while her face is  ALWAYS bright and smiling; softly reminding us to know our body, be kind  to it and not hurt ourselves. She knows her students and makes sure  each person respects their problem areas.  Also, laughter is always a  part of the class. Nina is not just a great teacher but a wonderful  person - a flawless diamond. Lillian R. Commack, NY

I am 69 years old and wanted private yoga instruction in my home. Nina is patient, kind and a gifted instructor. Her love of yoga is palpable and contagious. I look forward to our next session and strongly encourage anyone of any age to give her a try! You will not be disappointed.  Pat C. Ronkonkoma

Nina is a truly amazing instructor.  There are few leaders who are so  understanding of one's individual limitations. She suggest alternative  positions when one has restrictions such as knee or hip replacement,  shoulder surgery and even the nuances of being short or tall. Her  enthusiasm, smile and laughter make each session a pleasure to attend.   I am 70 years old, 6 feet tall and have a knee replacement, femur break  and ankle fracture (plates and screws installed)  I feel very  comfortable in her class.  The laughter, camaraderie, the sharing of  experiences while exercising is fun. Her reminders that we are each  different and should be careful to keep our bodies safe is encouraging.   I am thankful for her journey to help people with limitations.   Karen  C.  Greenlawn, NY  

I am 78 years old and look forward to every Thursday afternoon class  with Nina. I can already feel the physical benefits. I am more flexible  and have less joint pain, and the fellowship of the group is an added  bonus.  
Susanne E.  East  Northport, NY

Nina is a wonderful, compassionate instructor whose passion for yoga is  evident. She has an inner spirituality that influences and touches those  around her. I am so happy to be learning the practice of yoga with  Nina!
Lynn F. Nesconset NY

I  don't love yoga, but I love Nina's approach to treating my body & my  mind & have grown to have a deeper appreciation of both through her  yoga classes. Kind, compassionate & attune to her students, Nina is  the best instructor I have found for my journey.  Meryl M.  Smithtown,   NY  

Nina meets students where they are-  whether it's hot yoga, chair yoga or restorative. She teachers peace and  joy and self acceptance.  Liz K.  Kings Park, NY  

Nina is a true mentor, teacher and spiritual leader. She has taken me  from a pure beginner to now, someone who can honestly say.... someone  who is able to peacefully meditate and know each move under her  direction. Nina may not know this, but at a more difficult time in my  life, she has provided me with solace and peace. She is wonderful and I  hold her in high regard.  Toni P.  St. James, NY

Nina is that rare combination of kindness and compassion paired with a  genuine passion and spirit. She inspires each and everyone of her  students to not only enjoy the physical aspects of the practice of yoga  but to embrace the true meaning of yoga.  Sheri K.  Hauppauge, NY

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